Decorative House Signs

Unique High Quality Signage

Our range of large decorative house signs are highly detailed in sculptured low relief, something like 1.5″-2″ in depth. They are handmade in cast aluminium by the traditional sand casting method, and many hours go into preparing the moulds prior to casting to achieve the rich detail.

After casting they are then fettled , a process of grinding, filling, sanding and working the surface detail before going onto painting.  The six stage painting process takes several days, it firstly involves grit blasting the sign to provide a good keyed surface, an acid etch primer is applied, then a heavy metal primer, after which the background colour is done, your chosen text/border colour applied and finally a coat of marine lacquer.

You have a choice of six standard background colours and three number border colours, with a further five optional extra lighter shade background colours .  Because these signs are highly detailed and difficult to make they take approx another week or so longer to produce than our traditional signs.

Highest quality for those wanting something different and unique.

Cast metal decorative sign with intricate flower design

Oval decorative sign with external flowered design

Black and gold oval decorative sign

Intricate detail with overhanging flowers

Large green and gold decorative cast metal sign with sculptured flowers

Dark green & gold with sculptured flower design

House sign with gold decorative flower design

Close up of decorative gold colour over dark green

Black & gold rectangular decorative sign cast in aluminium

Large rectangular decorative sign in black & gold

Detail of cast metal decorative sign in black and gold

Close up with over hanging gold flower design

Cast metal house sign with raised embossed letter and outside border

Showing cast raised embossed letters & border

Large decorative oval house sign in blue and silver

Blue and silver decorative oval sign

Black and gold circular house plaque with text in centre

Circular decorative house sign with text in centre

House sign with flower design in black and gold

Flower design in black & gold

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Last updated 20th January 2020