Double Sided House Signs

Our range of double sided house signs and finials are cast in aluminium. You have a choice of swinging oval and rectangular-arched or fixed rectangular and finger post style.  Double sided signs designed for easy viewing from both sides.  Ideal for near gate entrances where you don’t have a wall for mounting a standard single sided sign, or your property is set back a long way from the road and you need to enhance your position.

Traditional cast metal house sign in maroon and gold

Our cast aluminium finger post sign mounted on steel post with top finial – finished in black and silver.  Point the sign in your required position and tighten the stainless steel locking screws.

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Double sided swinging house sign

Close up detail showing the quality finish on our house signs, this example is the double sided wall mounted sign with decorative wall bracket – finished in maroon and gold

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Small oval house number sign

Our rectangular post mounted sign with text on both sides finished in black & silver.  The cast aluminium sign is locked in postion via stainless steel locking screws, just point in the required direction and tighten the screws.

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Sculptured metal house sign finished in black and gold

Close up showing the cast aluminium final we supply with all our post mounted signs, designed to stop water entering the post and adding style. 

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Cast metal decorative house plaques

Fingerpost sign head finished in maroon and magnolia.  Designed to fit a standard 76mm diameter post so you can just buy the head and supply your own post if you wish.

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Commemorative blue plaque cast in aluminium

We call this our rectangular arch swinging sign because of the swept top corners.  Our double sided swinging signs have proper cast trunnions on the top so the sign swings in one plain – back and forth, rather than all over place.  Alternatively it can be fixed via the stainless steel locking screw so it doesn’t swing.

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Stylized sculptured wall plaque cast in metal

This brown and gold finish looks good on our two sided cast aluminium oval sign.  Note the solid cast trunnions on the top so the sign swings in one plain.

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Close up of our cast metal swinging house sign trunnion, finished with maroon background and 50mm size text.

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Fully assembled and in position, this double sided sign mounted on steel post has a cast aluminium finial to cap off the post.  Featuring large 50mm size text with decorative scroll motif and finished in black & silver.

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Black and silver fingerpost sign with 50mm size text, with clear viewing from both sides.  Assembled and mounted in position on steel post with cast aluminium top finial.

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Black & silver always looks great, this example is the large double sided wall bracket sign.  Many hours go into making these signs, all traditionally hand crafted!

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This oval swinging sign head was manufactured for an overseas customer.  Finished in dark green and gold with large tree motif above.

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The swinging signs feature strong top trunnions so it pivots correctly rather than all over the place.  They come complete with 8ft (2.5 metre) long steel mounting posts to going into the ground with cast aluminium finials to cap off post top.

They are moulded by hand in foundry sand to produce a negative of your chosen sign. When the mould is ready, the molten aluminium at approx 750 C is then gently poured into the mould. The casting is now one solid piece including text, border and motif’s on both sides.  We then fettle the casting, a process of working the surface, grinding, filing and sanding in preparation for painting.

Available in a choice of six standard background colours and three text border colours, with a further five optional extra lighter shade background colours. Alternatively, you can provide us with a colour reference number so we can finish your sign in your specific colour as an optional extra.

Double sided signs handmade to your personal requirements

You can just purchase the double sided sign head,  and provide your own post if you wish.  Our overseas customers have to opt for this option due to the difficulty in shipping the long post overseas.  Should you prefer this then please contact us for pricing.

Also manufactured again by hand, are the wall mounted double sided swinging signs, again cast in aluminium, and ideal as a decorative shop – retail sign with personalized text, logo and finished in your chosen colours.  These signs are supplied with wall drilling template and fixing anchors.

We pride ourselves on the care and commitment taken with every sign we produce. Attention to detail is paid during each stage of the process from laying out the sign details to preparing the foundry moulds, working the cast sign surface and hand painting to finish and protect the sign. Our goal is to produce a beautiful sign to be proud of. Double sided house signs sometimes know as wayfinding signs here

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Last updated 20th September 2020