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These sculptures come from a desire to capture physical energy and expression in bronze. They are both realistic and understandable.

Modelling a figure in action requires a thorough knowledge of human anatomy as well as being able to express individual characteristics of the subject. They are based on intensive observations of human form and movement. Everyone has the same basic bone and muscle structure but different characteristics and its these different characteristics which make each sculpture unique, it is up to the artist to show these differences.

Developing a sculpture starts with models and life drawing. I first develop drawings for the armature, I decide on scale, proportion and how the weight is carried by my subject. The armature needs to be built with the greatest care and attention, it is the key to the pose and needs to be accurate. Now I'm ready to build the armature out of steel, wood, chains and wire, with the use of a plumb line. The armature needs to built strong enough to support a large mass of clay.

With the armature built I am ready to add clay always considering the subjects bone and muscle structure. Once I have built up the basic form I mark out the main lines to use as guidelines. I can then start to develop individual features and expressions to bring the subject to life. During each stage of development I smooth out muscles to create the more rounded contours of the female form. I model the clay over and over again until I am satisfied with the finished sculpture.

The finished sculpture is now ready to have a multi-peice mould taken from it, and then it's ready to be cast in bronze using the lost wax process.

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Posing Skater Stretching Balance


Christine Beardwood
Ridgequest Foundry, Croft Road, Croft, Skegness, Lincolnshire, PE24 4PA, England.

Artist copyright Christine Beardwood