Stikin Signs

Signs to push into the ground

Our Stikin Signs are designed for pushing into the ground (hence the name Stikin)  They are cast in aluminium as one solid piece, featuring raised/embossed text, tapered spike, and rear vertical fillet running up the back for added strength. 

Moulded by hand in foundry sand to produce a negative mould, the molten aluminium at approx 750 C is then gently poured in.  When the metal has solidified the sand mould is broken apart to release the cast sign.  Fettling is the next process, working the surface by grinding, filing, and sanding in preparation for painting.

Available in oval and rectangular they come in six standard background colours and three text decoration colours, with a further five optional extra lighter shade background colours.

You can have whatever wording you want as long as it fits on, the text sizes we use are 25mm (1″) 40mm (1.5″) & 50mm (2″) Should you just want numbers, they go from 25mm up to 125mm (5″)

Suitable for lawn areas, vegetable gardens and golf courses etc.

Cast aluminium garden sign in dark green and gold

Garden lawn sign to push into the ground

Keep off the grass garden sign

With raised embossed text cast as one solid piece

Cast aluminium garden sign

Choose your personalized message to be cast into the sign

Strong vertical rib at rear of cast lawn sign

Strong cast rear supporting rib

Rectangular metal lawn sign in dark green

Strong cast tapered spike to push into the ground

Metal garden and vegetable patch sign

Push in the ground signs are also ideal for temporary occasions

No parking sign cast in aluminium

We use several sizes of text to fit your message on the sign

Cast metal sign to push into the ground

Also suitable for herb and vegetable gardens

Cast metal sign with rear supporting rib

These push in the ground signs are available in several colours

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Last updated 20th January 2020