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Original lead time capsule


This is our original time capsule cast in lead, which has been specifically chosen in consultation with metallurgists and conservationists for its resistance to corrosion when buried underground for long periods (some since Roman times), and the contents found to be in remarkable condition.

Lead is an ideal natural material from which to make a time capsule, many studies have shown that its highly resistant to corrosion when buried underground for many years. It has been used for centuries on church roofs. in stain glass windows and underground pipes (some since Roman times). The Romans also made coffins from lead and you read of how their contents were amazingly preserved.







18" x 6" x 4.75" / 457x154x122mm

53Ibs / 24 Kg



We recommend that you ask your local plumber or college plumbing dept to seal the time capsule, as they will have experience in lead burning.

This method is basically a welded joint known in the plumbing trade as (lead burning) it will give the time capsule a strong joint totally sealed from moisture and oxygen entering, and is recognized as the best method to last hundreds of years.

Make sure all the contents are in the time capsule, put the lid on and turn the time capsule upside down. Then firm all-round the joint of the lid with a ball pein hammer to close the gap between the lid & box. Cut some strips of clean lead roof flashing to use as your welding rod and then clean along the joint with a wire brush or file. Tack weld each corner to secure the position of the lid, then turn the time capsule on it's side and weld the joint. Please wear gloves when handling the time capsule and wash hands after.


Instructions will be sent with your time capsule



  1. Specifically designed for burial underground.
  2. Cast in lead as one solid box with no bottom joints, approx 1/4" section thickness.
  3. Rebated lid.
  4. Text cast on the lid to show who buried it and when. (Optional)
  5. Relatively low temperature to seal the lid by lead welding this gives a strong totally enclosed permanent seal to last the years.

Time capsule with plain lid: 255.00 + delivery & Vat


Time capsule with text cast on lid: 280.00 + delivery & Vat


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