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Frequently Asked Questions – House Signs. Should you have any questions please browse these FAQ’s before contacting us by phone or email. Remember you buy our signs direct from us.

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How long will it take for my signs direct to be made and delivered

Signs direct are generally delivered approximately 4 weeks from receipt of order, our double-sided signs & decorative signs approx 5 weeks.  Overseas deliveries can take a little longer.

Do you charge delivery for my house sign:

All our house signs include FREE delivery.

What about Vat:

All our house signs include UK Vat.

What material is my house sign made from:

Your sign is cast in aluminium (British Standard Specification) because of its lightness, strength & corrosion resistance.

What colour choices do I have for my sign:

We have six standard background colours included in the price & a further five colours as an optional extra – view our colour choices here: Sign Colour Choices

Do you offer other font styles:

No – the foundry trade is an old trade going back many years and can’t just knock up a different style at the click of the keypad.  The font style we have is similar to Times Roman as seen in the picture examples on our website – almost mainly in captials but we can do Times Roman style in upper & lowercase and we also have condensed text where you have limited room to fit the text.  So the font style is similar to Times Roman and the available size of text are 1″ (25mm) 1.5″ (40mm) 2″ (50mm) and 3″ (75mm) number go up to 5″ (125mm)

Why can’t we select a motif for a Traditional House Sign when buying online:

If you want a motif on your Traditional House Sign, best to phone or email to see if your preferred motif will fit the size of sign you want – the reason being some motif’s are too large to fit particular signs.

As well as credit/debit cards, do you accept payment via cheque & BAC’s:

Yes, payment can be made via cheque if you wish – made payable to Ridgequest Limited.  If you want to pay via BAC’s then ask, we will email our bank details.

Can we order our sign over the phone:

Because we are workshop based – making the signs & not sat in front of a computer we prefer orders via our website.  However you can place your order over the phone if need be, please bare in mind we have to break off what were doing in the foundry to answer the phone, and sometimes we can’t hear the phone ringing with furnace on or machinery running.

How long will my sign last:

The actual cast aluminium sign will last a lifetime, 100 hundred years or more.  The paint finish over this time will obviously need re-painting, say every 15 years or so depending on how your look after it (Read below: How do I clean and protect my sign)

Will you offer a re-painting/refurbishing service for my sign:

We offer a refurbishing service for old signs manufactured by ourselves.  This is to grit-blast old paint off – back to clean bare metal, to apply an acid etch primer, a metal primer, a gloss colour coat, text/border colour coat and finally a marine lacquer.  This process will bring the sign back to it’s original new condition.  For signs not manufactured by us, email pictures of the sign and well let you know if were prepared to take the job on.

What is the warranty on my sign:

We offer a standard 2 year warranty from date of invoice:

How do I clean and protect my sign:

Don’t use washing up liquid, it contains bleach & ammonia and is aggressive to paintwork (That’s why they don’t recommend using washing up liquid on your car) We recommend using car shampoo, it’s much kinder and leaves a nice wax film to protect the paint from chemicals in the air and that green algae.  So next time your cleaning the car use the soft brush & car shampoo to clean the sign – say once or twice a year – it will keep the paintwork in tip top condition and last longer.

How do we fix the sign:

Fixing the sign is via stainless steel screws (stainless so you don’t get rusty marks running down the wall from plain steel screws) Your sign will be supplied with stainless steel fixing screws, wall plugs & small vial of matching paint for screw heads.

What is your returns policy:

Our products are specially made to order and not stock items.  They are checked before leaving our premises, but should you encounter a problem such as faulty goods or different to what you have ordered ( Yes we do make spelling mistakes sometimes! ) they will be made good at our expense. This does not effect your statutory rights.  Obviously we can’t accept a return after manufacture just because someone has changed their mind as the sign has been manufactured to personalized requests.

Where is my sign made:

Your sign is British designed and manufactured by hand in our own foundry in Croft, Lincolnshire, England.  Using British made raw materials, we have been designing and manufacturing by hand on the same site for over 40 years.

Everyone seems to be talking about recycling these days, where does your cast signage stand on this:

Our signs are 100% recyclable apart from the paint on the surface.  Infact the aluminum ingots we buy, which are to British Standard specification are manufactured from recycled aluminium.

Can my sign come on a post to go into the ground as we don’t have a wall to fix the sign to:

Yes we also supply our signs on single or double steel fabricated posts, tops capped off with steel and steel cross member for sign fixing.  These steel fabricated post are manufactured by ourselves.  Ask for pricing.

Some sign makers glue the text/letters on which eventually fall off – can you guarantee the text/letters will not fall off:

We can guarantee 250% – and more! ( Will not fall off ) the text/letters on our signs are impossible to fall off, the sign & text/letters are cast as one solid piece as the metal flows into the mould and solidifies.

Will we receive a proper paid invoice receipt:

Yes you will be emailed a paid invoice receipt either with our order confirmation or after delivery.

Do you ship you signs overseas:

Yes you can see the various countries we ship to in the “select your country” drop down box on our order forms.

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Last updated 20th September 2020