Metal Signs for House

Welcome to Ridgequest, are you searching for Metal signs for house, if so Ridgequest are professional sign makers? Ridgequest foundry is a small family business based in the village of Croft, Lincolnshire, England since 1978. We create excellent metal signs for your house and many other plaques, see our range of products below.

Traditional cast metal house sign in maroon and gold

Traditional House Signs

A large range with several shapes and sizes, featuring raised, cast text and outside border – cast as one solid piece.  These house signs are very popular and great value!

Sculptured metal house sign finished in black and gold

Sculptured House Signs

A range of fourteen different designs, ten circular stylized animals and four rectangular based on four seasons of the year.  You can have your house name above and below or just at the top or bottom.

Small oval house number sign

House Number Signs

Based on our traditional range, these handmade number signs with raised text and border are available in round, oval, arched top and rectangular .

Double sided swinging house sign

Double Sided Signs

Double sided signage for viewing from both directions, ideal for near road gate entrances.  Available as an oval or rectangular acrhed swinging sign, fixed fingerpost style, fixed rectangular or wall mounted swinging.

Cast metal decorative house plaques

Decorative House Signs

Unique handmade high quality signage, these large house signs are highly detailed in sculptured low relief.  Many hours go into moulding, casting and fettling them to achive a high standard of finish.

Commemorative blue plaque cast in aluminium

Commemorative Plaques

A traditional hand cast plaque, available as wall mounted or fixed on a free standing post.  You can choose from several sizes and come in a variety of colours.

Stylized sculptured wall plaque cast in metal

Metal Wall Plaques

These plaques are cast in raised relief, with a choice of four rectangular designs and ten circular stylized animals.  Available in six standard colours and five optional lighter shade colours. 

Pouring Molten Metal

We have been designing and manufacturing in Croft, Lincolnshire for over 40 years.  Everything you see on this website is entiley made in our own foundry by hand and delivered Worldwide!

We manufacture one of the largest range of cast metal house signs and house plaques available in the United Kingdom. They are cast in aluminium due to its high corrosion resistance, strength, and lightweight properties.  Our range consists of:

Traditional house signs offering raised lettering, outside border with embossed motifs.

Decorative containing a range of large metal signs for house, detailed with intricate flowered designs.

Sculptured house plaques cast with deep embossed features based on ten stylized creatures.  A further collection of house plaques based on 4 seasons of the year.

High-quality cast aluminium double-sided plaques should your property be set back from the road. We offer a double-sided sign suitable for your requirements; complete with steel mounting posts with cast finials.  A choice of: double-sided fingerpost, deep rectangular style, oval swinging, and rectangular arched signs.

House number signs based on our traditional signs with raised numbers and outside border, available in various shapes and sizes

We also manufacture other artistic metalwork such as heraldic type crests, sculptured architectural features, commemorative plaques, village signs, and time capsules.

All the products you see on this website are handmade by ourselves from our original designs for your personal requirements. Our customers range from private individuals looking for a custom made house sign for their home, to builders, architects, councils and government departments looking for high-quality cast metalwork that is original and different.

We have been designing and manufacturing by hand on the same site for over 40 years.

Call Ridgequest today on 01754 880512 for information about metal signs for house or any other of our products. We are always available to help customers with any enquires.

For more information about alternative types and makes of signs please visit  Wikipedia. 

All our products use British made raw materials.  By going direct to the makers you can ensure a better service and value for money.

“Quality cast metal signs for house to last a lifetime”

“Traditional craftsmanship with attention to detail”


Ridgequest Limited, Croft Lane, Croft, Nr Skegness, Lincolnshire, PE24 4PA, England, UK

Last updated 20th September 2020