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House Number Signs

Quality handmade personalised house number signs.

Our Traditional cast metal house numbers are available in several shapes and sizes.  These house numbers are hand cast in aluminium using the ancient sand casting method, we have oval, rectangular, arched top signs and round.

Traditional cast metal house sign in maroon and gold

Our small 218mm x 190mm bridge shaped number sign with maroon background.  The cast raised numbers are 100mm tall and finished in gold.

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Double sided swinging house sign

This added feature looks nice, house number sign with road name along bottom curve. The 260mm x 190mm oval sign has a dark green background with magnolia decoration, the numbers are 100mm tall and the bottom text 18mm.

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Small oval house number sign

Both these are the small 133mm diameter sign, one with silver numbers and the other magnolia.  As with all our signs they are cast as one solid piece with raised/embossed cast text and outside border.

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Sculptured metal house sign finished in black and gold

Close up showing the cast text and outside border.  This 275mm x 195mm arched top sign is finished with blue background and 100mm silver numbers.  The height of our numbers range from 15mm tall right up to 125mm.

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Cast metal decorative house plaques

Black and silver is probably the most popular choice of colour, which shows up very well in this example.  125mm tall numbers look good on this 260mm x 190mm oval sign.

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Commemorative blue plaque cast in aluminium

The smallest oval number sign we make, this 200mm x 150mm plaque is finished in slate grey with 100mm tall gold numbers.

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Stylized sculptured wall plaque cast in metal

The 133mm and 178mm diameter number signs finished in our optional lighter shade background colours.  Note our signs are pre-drilled with fixing holes.

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As you can see from this picture, a round house number sign is suitable for one or two digits, where an oval sign can accomodate up to four digits.

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The very popular 218mm x 190mm arched top sign with 100mm tall numbers.  We offer a choice of six standard background colours with a further five optional extra lighter shade colours.  For the raised text and border you have a choice of four colours .

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This little 133mm diameter sign has 75mm tall numbers and looks quite contemporary with its black and silver colour combination.

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Dark green and gold circular house number, the 178mm diameter sign has 100mm tall numbers.  As with all our signs the raised embossed  letter and numbers are cast as one solid piece and will not fall off (Guaranteed)

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This oval 260mm x 190mm plaque has three 100mm numbers, but it could have two 125mm numbers or four 75mm.  We make the sign with the tallest numbers that look best on the plaque.

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We use the largest size numbers that look best on your sign, they go from 1″ (25mm) to 5″ (125mm) tall.  They are moulded by hand in foundry sand, when the mould is ready, the molten aluminium at approx 750 C is then gently poured in, once the casting has solidified, it is then released from the mould.  At this point you can see the detail of the raised embossed numbers and outside border, producing a high quality solid cast aluminium sign.

Attention to detail is paid during each stage of the process from laying out the sign design to preparing the foundry moulds  Fettlingthe casting, a process of working the surface by grinding, filing and sanding ready for painting to finish and protect the sign.

As an option you can have your road/street name on the sign as well as the house number. (select this in the drop down menu when placing order)

Available with a choice of six standard background colours and four number border colours, with five optional extra lighter shade background colours.  We can also finish the sign in any colour you wish as an optional extra, just let us have the colour reference number.

All our signs are pre-drilled with fixing holes and supplied with stainless steel screws, wall plugs and matching paint for screw heads so you don’t risk damaging your new sign during installation.

We are open seven days a week and supply our sign worldwide including free delivery.  Buy direct from the sign maker for a better service and value for money.  Our goal is to produce a beautiful high quality long lasting sign to be proud of. More ideas can be found here.

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