Custom Signs for House

Sculptured House Signs – Stylized signage

These handmade sculptured house signs are cast in aluminium with fourteen different unique custom signs for house designs to choose from. Including our popular circular sculptured Cat, Rooster, Frog, Owls, Rams and five further ones. We also have four rectangular sculptured signs representing the four seasons of the year, Tulips for spring, Roses for summer, Oakleaves for autumn and finally Holly for winter

They are sculptured in raised relief with your house name above and below the sculptured centrepiece.  Alternatively, you can just have the house name either above or below. (select this option in drop down menu when placing your order)

They are first moulded by hand in foundry sand to produce a negative mould, the molten aluminium at approx 750 C is then gently poured in.  When the metal has solidified, the sand mould is broken apart to release the casting showing the high quality sculptured curved surface.  The plaque is then hand fettled, a method of grinding, filing, sanding and working the surface in preparation for the five-stage painting process.

The embossed lettering on all our signs are cast as part of the solid casting, (cast as one solid piece) formed when the molten metal flows into the mould. The lettering/text sizes available are 1″, 1.5″, 2″, & 3″ We use the largest that looks best on your sign.

You have a choice of six standard background colours, with a further five optional extra lighter shade background colours.  We can also finish them in your specific colour as an optional extra, just provide us with a colour reference number.The sculptured detail of these signs is highlighted in a choice of four colours bringing the stylized design to life.

The signs are pre-drilled with fixing holes, supplied with stainless steel screws, wall plugs and small vial of matching paint for screw heads.

Sculptured Custom Signs for House with rooster in black and gold

Stylized rooster house sign

Sculptured owl house sign cast in metal

Your house name around top & bottom curve

Acorn house plaque sculptured in raised relief

Sculptured acorn Custom Signs for House in dark green & gold

Sculptured tulip wall plaque

Tulips with green-ish grey background

Ram house sign in raised relief

Ram house sign in dark green & gold

Cast metal rams heads in green and gold

Close up sculptured detail

Acorn house sign plaque finished in black and gold

Acorn house sign with name above & below

Cast metal in black and gold

Black and gold roses

Blue and gold metal owl sign

Blue and gold owls

Blue and gold

Close up detail with name along bottom casting

Cat house sign cast in metal with name top and bottom

Sculptured stylized cat sign

Farrow & Ball style green grey colour

Green-ish grey with copper/gold stipple decoration

British frog sign cast in metal and finished in green and gold

Detail of sculptured frog sign

Tulip design

Tulip sign detail

Tulip cast in metal

Tulip sign with name top & bottom

We are open seven days a week and supply our sign worldwide including free delivery. Buy direct from the sign maker for a better service and value for money. Need more samples visit Pinterest here.

Unique British handmade housesigns 

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