Traditional House Signs

Our Traditional House Signs are Cast in Aluminium

Our Traditional house signs are hand cast in aluminium using the ancient sand casting method, we have oval house signs, rectangular, arched top house plaques, round ones as well as house number plaques all featuring raised lettering and outside border.

Traditional house signs are first moulded by hand in foundry sand to produce a negative of your chosen sign shape, house name and motif. Once the mould is ready the molten aluminium at approx 750 C can then be gently poured into the mould, when the casting has solidified, it is then released from the mould. 

At this point you can see the detail of the raised/embossed sign lettering, outside border and motif, producing a high-quality solid cast aluminium sign. The sign is then fettled, a process of grinding, filing, sanding and working the surface, before being carefully hand-painted.

Cast metal house signs individually made to your personal requirements.

Arched top with painted bluebells

House sign in maroon & gold with bluebell motif

A selection of oval and round cast metal traditional house signs

Large sign with custom logo & colour scheme

Bridge shape with wren motif

Arched top sign with white background & wren motif

Dark green and magnolia with acorn motif

Arched top house sign with acorn motif

Close up picture of high quality finished in maroon and gold

Maroon and gold house sign

Blue and gold plaque with custom motif

Large sign with custom logo in arched top area

Rectangular house plaque finished in maroon & magnolia

Rectangular sign in maroon & magnolia

Brown and gold traditional

Oval sign finished in brown & gold

plaque with arrow finished in black and silver

Black and silver oval sign with arrow

Small metal finished in blue-ish grey and gold

Blue-ish grey sign with gold decoration

Oval metal finished in blue and silver

Medium size oval sign in blue & silver

Cast metal sign with bluebell flowers

Bluebell motif

Small metal house plaque with gold on maroon

A small oval sign in maroon & gold

Cast aluminium rectangular sign mounted on steel posts

Your house sign can be mounted on steel posts

Small bridge shape in white and black

Small bridge shape house sign in black & white

Metal house plaque finished in stone-ish beige and magnolia

Oval sign finished in stone-ish beige

Small arched top in brown and magnolia

Brown and magnolia sign

Round metal plaque finished in farrow & ball green

Example finished in custom green background colour

The Ridgequest signs are available in six standard background colours with a further five optional extra lighter shade colours, our text and border colours come in four choices.  Alternatively, we can do any colours you wish as an optional extra.

All our signs include stainless steel fixing screws, wall plugs, vial of matching paint for screw heads and free delivery. We also provide the option on having your road – street name on these house number signs as well as the sign number (select this option in the order drop-down menu).
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All our signs are pre-drilled with fixing holes and supplied with stainless steel screws, wall plugs and vial of matching paint for screw heads.

The embossed text/lettering and outside border is one piece, formed when the molten metal flows into the sand mould, producing a solid cast sign.  The text/lettering sizes available are 1″, 1.5″, 2″, & 3″ we use the largest that looks best on your sign, should we have any difficulty then we will contact you.  We have a range of sculptured house sign motifs that are embossed and like the lettering are part of the solid casting.  Should you wish to have a motif on your sign, then please phone or email to check if the motif will fit your chosen sign.

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